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Police Aviation Research [PAR] draws its strength from an extensive, unique, archive of material investigating the origins and development of law enforcement aviation, in all its many aspects, across the world and is able to authoritatively compare the difference in operating techniques and environment as they effect each different country in the period since operations were first noted in 1914. PAR is able to work closely with customers to identify the exact field of interest and thereby produce results exactly matching the needs of the customer with unequalled value.

Typical Assignments

The supply and sourcing of current and historic photographic and other illustrative stock to the media and commercial supply industry.

Law Enforcement Market Analysis

                   Would the market suit your company plans?

                   Can you afford to enter the market?          

                  Who flies what and why?

                  What role equipment do they use?

                  What type of missions do the customers fly?

                  What tactical equipment do they currently operate?

                  Is there a market for your product?

                  Does the potential customer have the finance to support a desire for the product?

For the following areas of operation

Police Aviation news is a monthly news journal for the airborne emergency services industry from PAR (Police Aviation Research)

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